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My Story

My father and mother would tell me that I was stubborn as a child. All toys were discarded as soon as they were received. Later I became the one who took care of everything. I have been interested in drawing since I was five. When I was eight years old and interested in solving a Rubik’s cube I got from my mother’s house, My father ordered a cube on Amazon and it was a mirror cube. I didn’t even know what that cube was about. So I got into the habit of looking at YouTube to solve the cube and through it I saw many other interesting topics like origami, juggling, spinning, card magic, piano music, drawing and so on. When it was shared on social media, I was happy that it reached millions of viewers. I had the opportunity to present the program on several news channels and channel programs. In addition, the 3×3 Cube finished third and fourth in two national level competitions. The only thing in front of me is to learn as much as I can.

“There are so many wonderful things ahead. I love to learn and try all this.”

Passionate doing many things